Niagara Falls New Years 2016 Hotel Deals
Niagara Falls New Years is taking on a different form in 2016. It will be the first non-televised event in over a decade, as ET Canada has decided to go a different direction. This means that the world famous Niagara Falls New Year's Eve Concert can only be experienced in person. This years line-up was recently announced, featuring a mixture of new and old acts, with a focus on Canadian content.
Best Niagara Falls Area for Families
Niagara Falls (and Niagara-on-the-Lake) has many different pockets for hotels; there’s downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake Bed & Breakfasts, the Fallsview District with the newer Fallsview Casino, the Clifton Hill area with attractions, in-between the Fallsview & Clifton Hill districts on Victoria Avenue and the American Side of the border. For a purely family experience that includes:
American / Canadian Currency Exchange in Niagara Falls
It's no secret, the strength of the American dollar has made it easier for Tourists to cross the border into Canada for a Niagara Falls vacation. And subsequently, the strong US Dollar is keeping Canadians from border hopping, also opting to stay in Canada. This raises the question for those coming into Canada for a vacation--where can I convert my money into Canadian Dollars?
Niagara Falls 1 Day Family Itinerary
Visiting Niagara Falls with your family? Only in town for a day/night stay? While you won't be able to do and see everything, your family can still visit a number of the top attractions. Here is our recommended one day Niagara Falls Trip Itinerary for Families.
Free Wi-Fi in Niagara Falls
Regular internet connectivity is becoming increasingly important to people in the modern age. For tourists especially, personal devices connected to the internet means easy access to booking information, accommodation details and sightseeing opportunities. But connecting to the net while on vacation in various cities and countries (especially if it’s foreign) can, at times, be an expensive luxury.
How Many Hotels are in Niagara Falls Canada?
Millions of visitors from around the world visit the incredible Niagara Falls every year. Tourists flock to this destination for both leisure and business and are always on the lookout for suitable accommodation. Niagara Falls has innumerable options for every kind of traveller from budget stays to luxurious hotels. This begs the questions, how many establishments that could be considered hotels are there in Niagara Falls?
Best Niagara Falls Hotels for Shopping Trips
Niagara Falls is famous for the Falls, gorgeous scenery, nature, wine, and culinary experiences. It’s also home to some of the best shopping in Ontario. There are three main shopping areas located within the city of Niagara Falls; the Clifton Hill District, the Fallsview Mall and the Canada One Brand Name Outlets.
Navigate Winter with Wego Stops Near Niagara Falls Hotels
Winter has come, full force, to Niagara Falls. While the idea of cold, snow, and wind may scare away some, the beauty of a snow covered Niagara Falls is a sight to behold--and experience. The Horseshoe Falls are cascaded with snow; the sides covered with white powder, and the mist of the Falls themselves taking on a cold, moist quality.
Best Niagara Falls Hotel Tours
A Niagara Falls vacation isn't complete without visiting some of the key sights; the Falls themselves, Queen Victoria Park and the Fallsview Casino. But this is just a small fraction of what Niagara has to offer. The easiest and dare we say best overall use of precious vacation time is to book a tour through your Niagara Falls Hotel.