Editors Choice: February Niagara Falls Hotel Room Rates

February Niagara Falls Hotel Room Rates

The weather, for lack of a better word, has been spectacular this year in Niagara Falls. It has been unseasonably warm, making some days in February feel like early spring. This time of year the town slows down, allowing visitors to get the best seats at Fallsview Restaurants, good seats at local shows and against the railing views of Niagara Falls.

Sample rates include $119 at the Marriott Fallsview and $109 at the Marriott on the Falls.

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Niagara Falls Hotel Deals 'Editors Choice Deals' are selected by using a combined rating of six factors:

  1. Amount of Discount vs. Rack Rate:
  2. How much is a room discounted when compared to its average room rate?

  3. True Value of Package Add-ons:
  4. Sometimes hotels exaggerate the value of package add-ons. We factor in what we consider to be the true value of add-ons.

  5. Hotel Class:
  6. A 25% discount at a **** hotel is a greater value than a 25% discount at a ** motel.

  7. Hotel Location:
  8. Is the hotel in a decent location? Are guests forced to drive, take a taxi or a bus, or walk a long distance? Hotels within close proximity to attractions and the Falls themselves receive a deal ranking boost.

  9. Availability:
  10. Steep discounts on inflexible dates (example: only on Tuesdays in the month of September) lose ranking points.

  11. Reward Points:
  12. Rooms that are booked directly earn reward points (at some hotels). Rooms booked on Groupon, Travelzoo, and similar sites typically do not earn points. This isn't an issue for most, thus this is our lowest ranking factor.